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size tables

Compare your measurements with the tables below and determine your size. Your properly measured sizes will then easily tell which clothes' size will fit you the best. Since you can't physically try on whatever you wish to order, remember that the more precise the actual measurement, the better the overall fit.

There are couple of Size Tables, the basic one is divided into sections for men, women and children; then according to the type of clothing - dresses, shirts, underwear and pyjamas. Although one should take into account that the actual sizes may vary depending on its supplier. We strongly recommend to thoroughly check the tables that are included in any and all products in our e-shop. Remember too that the measurements stated in the tables are NOT the dimensions of the clothing itself, but rather the figure of person, who's going to wear that product. Widths and lenghts depend on the type of product in question and an extra space for more comfortable and looser wear respectively, (underwear, loose shirts, fitted blouses etc.)

How to determine your measurements?

Always measure closely to the body, wear only underwear and straighten yourself up. To get your measurements as accurate as possible, ask someone around you to give you a hand.

All measurements are in centimeters.






Cotton undershirts and panties:


Due to their specific diversities, men's and children's Size Tables could be found by those specific products in our e-shop.

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