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Place for your frequently asked questions. If you want to ask something else .. just do!

Why are our clothes so expensive?

One of the main reasons behind our products' seemingly expensive prices is that we sell CZECH PRODUCTS. Our suppliers are strictly Czech companies. We proudly do this to support Czech economy nowadays flooded with cheap production from places like China, Taiwan and Bangladesh. One should consider that our prices reflect considerably more expensive workforce than the standard rate in third countries - where also the use of child labour is not uncommon.

Another rather obvious reason is our products' undoubtedly unparalleled high quality and services granting you an easy way for claims and returns. 

What are the products' lengths - long / short?

Each product is always described by its lenght which depends on the style and character of that particular piece of clothing. The length itself also obviously depends on the actual product's size.

In most cases however is the length construction determined by the ready-made collection sizes. You can always tell which of our products we offer in more than one size by the following logo:

We also do offer an option to choose one’s own length of trousers, sleeves etc. We charge for this additional 10% fee from the original item price. Models with which this kind of adjustments are possible are marked with the following icon:

Can I order a catalogue and how much does it cost?

We will gladly send you a current catalogue for free. All you need to do is to contact us either by mail, email or call us. directly The fastest way to acquire the catalogue is to fill in an order form online.

Does Maxana has its own stores?

Yes it does, Maxana currently operates its one and only brick-and-mortar store at the following address: Míru street, no. 2065, ZIP 73801, Frýde-Místek, Czech Republic.

Opening hours Monday - Friday (8AM - 5PM)

Is it possible to return  goods or exchange them?

There’s no risk involved when you buy from us. You can return anything that does not fit you within one month without stating any reason or change it for something else. We send changed goods FOR FREE.
Detailed description on how to return or change goods may be found either on the Return label included in every package we ship or HERE.

In case of further questions feel free to contact our Customer Service - e-mail:

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